Move in day

Monday was a big day for me, my first doctor appointment here, a trip to the cell phone store, moving into our apartment, trying to join a gym, and a trip to the international grocery store. Each of these events, mundane as they sound, was a huge deal for me as they will all have a pretty big impact of my quality of life here.

 Arguably, Chris’ apartment selection is the most important component. The doctor is important as well, but there is more than one doctor in Chennai and we are pretty well committed to the apartment short of some catastrophe.

I was, understandably, a little bit apprehensive with Chris picking our apartment with no input from me. He did not even take pictures of any of the apartments that he saw to show me. During his last trip to India, he called home one day and said “I looked at several apartments today and picked one.”

Um, ok, I hope it is a good one!

I kept asking him to compare it to things, but he was pretty tight lipped about it. He said that it was big, nearly 2000 sq. ft., that it had minimalist furniture, a big kitchen, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms. That was all I knew.

Was minimalist furniture a code word for very little furniture? For dorm room-esque furniture? Was the kitchen big because it was part of a bedroom or something? What was the catch? And why wasn’t he showing me any pictures?

I decided that I had no choice but to trust him. 

A few years back I selected an awful apartment for us in Upstate New York based on pictures from the internet. It was bad. Really bad.  If he picked a dud, I couldn’t really complain because after my mistake he did not even complain about sleeping on an air mattress for months or watching our TV with rabbit ears propped up on our cooler from collapsible camping chairs.

I am happy to report that Chris picked an awesome apartment!

The big kitchen does leave something to be desired, an oven, and it doesn’t really make the best use of space, but I can’t complain. After all, I was expecting something reminiscent of our Upstate New York apartment.

So there you have it, home for the next 5 months!

  1. Dana said:

    Wow nice digs 🙂 It’s huge!!!

    • Brit said:

      I think it is bigger than my “home” home. Definitely way more usable space anyway.

  2. Beth said:

    Wow, way to go Chris! 🙂 I’m impressed!

    • Brit said:

      Me too! He for over a month he kept messing with me and making me question what I was getting myself into…”Brit, it is just the best one that I could find…when you see it, remember that you didn’t see how bad the alternatives were…” Um, scary, right?

  3. Wow! That’s a beautiful apartment!! Is that a customary size? Geez, that’s more square footage than my house. (I want to go sliding around your floors in my socks Risky Business style.)

    • Brit said:

      I so want to do that now! Need to dig my socks out of the big pile of “stuff to unpack”!

      I have no idea what is customary in terms of size, but I’m guessing that this is a big “fancy” apartment. In this particular neighborhood, I think it is probably pretty standard, in fact, by the looks of the houses nearby, we might be the kids with the shabby house in the nice neighborhood. I’m stoked on it though, it is so much better than I ever expected!

  4. What a gorgeous apartment! I love the flooring!!

    • Brit said:

      I feel really lucky! I have a feeling that there were far less desirable alternatives!

  5. Great apartment! You should look for old photos of your upstate NY place and do the side by side comparison.

    • Brit said:

      I don’t even think we have pictures of that place, it was pretty bad. I would need to look on my old computer at home…

  6. Kier said:

    Bigger than my house! The kitchen is missing a little something though…what are you supposed to do with all of that open space?!

    • Brit said:

      I agree…it is very empty…I supposed that it could be an eat in kitchen if we wanted it to be, but since there is already a dining table in the next room it doesn’t really make sense, well not for the short term anyway.

      I also wish there were more overhead cabinets in the kitchen. I don’t really have stuff to put into them, but I think it would make it look more complete.

  7. Heidi Nicole said:

    Looks like a great apartment! Way to go Chris! And it looks like you have lots of space…I’m assuming for when the family all comes to visit!

    Chris (The Husband) had to trust me completely for the apartment we moved into last month…I think I was more nervous about it than he was! Glad it worked out!

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