Good morning from Sri Lanka

Upon arriving in Sri Lanka last night, I was completely blown away by the contrast between here and India. Of course it was dark out and daylight can change everything, but for the most part, Sri Lanka, well Colombo anyway, seemed to be more well developed like Vietnam. I was expecting something more like Zanzibar before seeing it first hand.


I was disappointed to wake up to some serious rain this morning, but it cleared up quickly and I think it will shape up to be a nice day. We may get serious with some wind surfing later on, although I think what Chris is most interested in is setting up a deep sea fishing trip for tomorrow morning.

If you have heard my rendition of our Zanzibar deep sea fishing excursion, you can imagine how stoked I am about giving it another go. Right, not so much.

Although I may give in to it as we have about $500 worth of Sri Lankan Rupees to burn…

Last night at the ATM, Chris was debating how much money to get and decided to try for the highest withdrawal amount, which he assumed would be around $200-300 USD… Instead of just typing in 20,000 or 30,000 rupees (our estimating rule of thumb is 100 SR/$), he thought that he would use trial and error to figure out what the limit was. Apparently it is more than 50,000 Sri Lankan Rupees. Sweet, thanks Chris.

So far I like Sri Lanka, we have a pretty ocean view room, and I can’t wait to see what the day has in store for us.

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  1. Lisa said:

    If you go fishing hope you’re able to get a big catch! Enjoy Sri Lanka.

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