First Night in India


We made it!


Yesterday we flew from Chicago through Newark to New Delhi. That second leg of our trip was quite possibly the longest direct flight that you can take from the US, right up there with Los Angeles to Taipei. Fortunately, Chris is a rock star with a bajillion airline miles so we flew business class. SO much better than the coach flight that we took to Taipei a few years back!

I think this flight was around 15 hours, but it was no big deal with lay flat seats. I was zonked out pretty much continuously from the moment they collected my hot fudge sundae bowl (dessert was better in business class too) to the time they passed out warm damp washcloths to freshen up for breakfast.

Unfortunately, New Delhi is not our final destination, but with our late arrival time we had to overnight here. Honestly, I don’t mind, I was ready for a shower anyway.

I was really curious to find out what kind of hotel room we would end up with. Chris has sung praises of some of his hotels in India, while there have been others that he may not have been so stoked about staying in. I think we have a winner with this one.

Clean, modern, and a pretty cool bathroom. Hope I don’t get stage fright in there. Kidding, there is a shade that comes down to cover the giant window into the room.

We had a room in Tokyo once that was styled like this, but the toilet was in a private enclosure. This one is definitely not. I’m not sure in which universe it is cool to leave the shade up with the unenclosed toilet. Perhaps there are some exhibitionists out there who get it.


We will do a few early morning (or late-night US) meetings here before heading to Chennai. Hopefully we luck out with he hotel in Chennai too. Chris doesn’t seem to be a fan of it, but he is far more hotel picky than I am. I shall let you know soon.

  1. Heidi Nicole said:

    That is a nice looking hotel room. At first I thought there was a mirror reflecting the bathroom and then I realized there was not reflection of the photographer. Interesting set up, to say the least!

    My flight from Tokyo to Chicago took what seemed like eons, and I was in coach. Definitely jealous of your fancy seats (and dessert!).

  2. Kier said:

    Glad to hear you made it safely! Can’t wait to hear more!!

  3. Jena said:

    Holy crap, I didn’t realize you were already leaving. I mean, I saw your post that said you were leaving, or that you were en-route, or about to be en-route, but I wasn’t expecting you to be there yet!! YAY!!!

    I definitely can’t wait to read about your new life in India! I read another blog of a girl that just moved from D.C. to Ridayah, Saudi Arabia.. super fascinating!

  4. jen said:

    Hey Brit,
    Jen here from the Nest…glad you’ve made it to Chennai! 🙂 Hope you got my last Nest PM and all is well. Perhaps we’ll run into each other one of these days around town! Take care!

    • Brit said:

      Hi Jen! Yes, I have your email. We just arrived in Chennai about a week ago and are still working on getting settled in. Our stuff arrives tomorrow and our apartment should be ready on Monday, after that we should be in good shape. Well, as long as things really happen when they are scheduled to… 🙂

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