Run: July 1-9

July has not been the most stellar month of workouts so far and I do not expect that to change anytime soon. It started off strong while we were visiting Chris’ family for the 4th of July, but taking the red-eye back home from Los Angeles left a lasting exhaustion that I just couldn’t shake.

Between red-eye zombie-ness and the prep that we have been doing for our move, I have had little time or energy left for exercise. In addition to prepping our house for our departure, we have also been carefully selecting which items will be included in the 600 lbs of household goods that we can ship to India. So far we are thinking a ton, ok, closer to 1/4 ton, of our favorite snacks, toiletries, and my bike and trainer.


This massive load of stuff is only 302 lbs. It doesn’t look all that massive in this picture, but I promise that it is plenty large. Long ways it is longer than I am tall and it is about 4 feet wide.

I’m thinking that we’ll add some hiking gear, maybe a few more kitchen items, and possibly some of our clothing to the mix to hit the full 600 lbs. It is kind of tempting to nix most of this stuff and just bring the treadmill. Although I have no idea how we would get it moved into our apartment if we did bring it. Not to mention the havoc that it would probably wreak on what I have to guess is an imperfect power supply. I suppose that bike and trainer are probably best.

Tomorrow is the big day for the shipping company to come pack up our stuff, so I better get back to weighing, selecting, and organizing.

Friday: 2.5 miles run/walk, NROLFW 1A3
Saturday: 3 miles all running
Sunday: A surfing attempt with Chris, my most successful attempt to date, but probably just counts as ‘floating’.
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 12.5 miles bike
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 12.5 miles bike

Running July Total: 8.5
Running 2011 Total: 333.77
Miles on Shoes: 248.96
Miles on New Shoes: 30.31
Miles on Black Shoes: 23.5

Cycling July Total: 25 (measurable)
Cycling 2011 Total: 755.94 (measurable)


  1. Jena said:

    Packing is stressful! I have a hard time packing for vacation. I can’t imagine having to decide what get to be packed to move around the world with me. I’m quite sure I’d have a gigantic anxiety attack and die.

    I have never tried surfing, but I would love to. My Chris has tried it once, and he said it was really hard.

  2. Lisa said:

    The packing part of moving 1/2 way across the globe sounds pretty challenging! Good luck; I’ll definitely be thinking of you guys as you gear up for your move.

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