Run (or Not): May 22 – 28

For the second time recently, I had a pathetic week of workouts that I am going to blame on the weather. We had several nights of nasty weather culminating in an epic storm on Wednesday night complete with decent sized hail, stormy weather with yet to be confirmed tornadoes, and a night spent in our single interior room, a bathroom, with Chris and two dogs.


Although the storms have passed, we are still feeling their wrath. We lost several substantial trees from the tree line on the eastern side of our property and assorted limbs from other trees are strewn all over our yard. Our power has been out since Wednesday afternoon, and with so many other local residents without power it sounds like it could be a while before ours is restored. We are pretty sure that this is the culprit for our power outage.


These may or may not amount to acceptable excuses for bailing on my workout, but they are my reasons nonetheless. At the very least, I think that most of you can empathize with me not wanting to subject myself to more cold showers than necessary.

I’ll try again next week to hop back on the wagon and to finish off New Rules of Lifting for Women once and for all.

Sunday: rest
Monday: 12.5 miles bike trainer
Tuesday: 12 miles bike trainer
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: 1 hour spin bike

Running Weekly Total: 0
Running 2011 Total: 307.36
Miles on Shoes: 248.96
Miles on New Shoes: 27.4

Cycling Weekly Total: 24.5 (measurable)
Cycling May Total: 121 (measurable)
Cycling 2011 Total: 622.44 (measurable)

  1. Kier said:

    Crazy weather! Glad to hear that you guys are okay!

  2. Whoa, I can’t believe that hail. All these storms have been crazy. Glad to hear your safe. There’s always this week to get back on track.

  3. Lisa said:

    Oh my gosh – sounds like some pretty serious damage! So glad you are safe. Hope you have power back soon. Take care, and don’t fret about a few missed workouts in the wake of all this.

    • Brit said:

      Yay for having power back!

      We have our yard mostly cleaned up now, but it took some effort. I spent most of the day Saturday hauling bundles of tree pieces to our brush pile. I think we have finally reached the point where we may need to be burning our brush; the pile is growing exponentially over the past few months!

  4. lifeisbeachykeen said:

    That hail is huge; it looks like he’s holding ice out of the freezer!

    I hope by now your power is back on. That is miserable. (We’ve had similar problems during hurricane season. ew.which btw starts on tuesday)

    • Brit said:

      Doesn’t it! I wish we had known how long the power would be out for. I think we might have bagged the hail to keep our refrigerator and freezer cold. We ended up having to toss all of our refrigerated food, which isn’t entirely bad. It made me feel less guilty throwing away that handful of items that I never really planned on using anyway.

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