Run (or Not): May 1 – 7

Now that I’m a full-fledged, card carrying gym member it is going to get a bit more tricky to track my biking miles. The neurotic and nerdy engineer in me is totally freaking out about that.

What? No metric by which I can judge my performance week to week? ::gasp::

Among other metrics, I have considered using average heart rate and total minutes, but I’m not sure how much meaning either of those holds. I mean how on earth can I put those into a spreadsheet and produce interesting and meaningful graphs? Seriously, who would do that anyway?

After all, not all biking minutes are created equally and the objective is not to ride at the highest possible intensity all the time anyway.

I could just ride my trainer at home, but I am making every effort to head to the gym with Chris in order to offer him some additional accountability in terms of showing up at the gym. He has made it four times so far to my eight. Not that I’m keeping track.

Maybe he can use the accountability.

Sunday: rest
Monday: NROLFW Workout 5B2 + 14 miles – bike trainer
Tuesday: 20 minutes AMT* + 50 minutes spin bike – Left a puddle on the floor under the bike (sorry other gym-goers) but still, what does that equate to?
Wednesday: NROLFW Workout 5A3 + 45 minute spin class**
Thursday: 60 minutes spin bike
Friday: NROLFW Workout 5B3 + 45 minutes spin bike
Saturday: 50 minutes spin bike

*Note to self – Make sure that you show up at the gym either early enough to nab a spot in the 5:30 spin class or late enough that you don’t have to burn 20 minutes waiting for it to end so that you can get a bike.

**This was my first spin class ever. It went fairly well. I liked the instructor a lot. I was surprised by how many people showed up to the class only to chat through/dog the whole workout. First, I thought that was rude to the instructor. Second, I don’t understand the point of showing up to a class and take up a bike that is in demand by other gym members if you are going to pedal lazily on the lowest resistance possible for the entire time. Only about 50% of the class was actually changing around the resistance on their bikes and following the instructions given by the instructor.

Running Weekly Total: 0
Running 2011 Total: 307.36
Miles on Shoes: 248.96
Miles on New Shoes: 27.4

Cycling Weekly Total: 14 (measurable)
Cycling May Total: 14 (measurable)
Cycling 2011 Total: 515.45 (measurable)

  1. Ha, isn’t he the one who guilted you into joining? You had some hard core workouts this week. Spin classes are the one thing I miss about not having a gym memebership anymore. If you live in an area without hills, it’s one of the best things you can do in lieu of hill running. You’re going to come off this injury much stronger than you expect.

    • Brit said:

      Thanks, I hope you’re right! I kind of liked the spin class, but I felt silly taking a class. I will probably take one tonight anyway because the lady who taught my class last week is teaching again tonight.

      There are three spin instructors at my gym and so far I dislike one (based on just general conversation at the gym), am ‘eh’ about one, and really like the third. The one that I am ‘eh’ about I could probably warm up to. He was kind of condescending to me, but in retrospect I am probably being too sensitive about it. I should give him another chance.

  2. lifeisbeachykeen said:

    I really want a gym membership. Ohhhhhh stupid bills. One day, I keep telling myself one day.

    You had a great week of workouts. I like the variety. How is your foot? I know you can’t get to PT until the 31st (which is bonkers) but otherwise how is it doing?

    • Brit said:

      Although I will forever give Chris the business for being the one to cause us to get a gym membership, I am really liking it for lifting weights. I was pretty content without it until we rejoined though.

      My foot seems a lot better, but I’m cautiously optimistic about that because it seemed better last fall also when I started running on it again. I’m hoping that I can get orthotics made relatively quickly after my first appointment and be back to running again in late-June/early-July.

  3. Lisa said:

    8 times to the gym vs. his 4 – you are definitely winning the gym battle!
    Great job on the bike. I think a spin class sounds fun to try, but I’m sure it would drive me crazy if some people were just taking it easy and not really working.

    I like your “golden bike!”

    • Brit said:

      Thanks! I figured that I did well but that the winged foot didn’t apply.

  4. Did someone say Nerdy Engineer? That’s like my bat signal!

    Can you log heartrate over time with your HRM? I use a Garmin 305 and just hit the lap button every mile; that way I have mile splits & heartrate data.

    Not much of a cyclist though; I only use a stationary trainer at the gym, never used a spin bike, which may mean you get no odometer feedback. If that’s the case, a logged of HR over time might be at least something to plot!

    • Brit said:

      I could do HR over time. I think that is the best option, but I’m not super stoked about wearing my HRM all the time. I use a Garmin 405, so unless I’m on my bike trainer at home (or running) there will be no mile split data, but the average is still interesting to see.

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