Run (or Not): April 24 – 30

Last week Chris and I rejoined our local gym. Cool. -ish.

On the up side, it is much nicer to do New Rules of Lifting at a gym rather than at home. I feel more motivated to lift heavier weights and not slack when all eyes are on me. I definitely feel like all eyes are on me when I do that workout. If the spattering of decidedly non-traditional exercises is not enough to draw attention, the fact that I am the only person, male or female, that I have seen deadlifting at this gym is for sure an eye catcher.

While the gym has been awesome for lifting, I am not a huge fan of attempting non-running cardio at the gym. It gives me a big-time case of runner’s envy, a silent rage that wells up inside me as I watch Chris and the other runners plodding away on their treadmills. They look like such happy runners. Why are they so happy as they run anyway? I know that it has to hurt, at least for some of them.

Ok, maybe not for the pretty girl in the Lulu outfit with her long flowing brown locks cascading down her back unencumbered by hair ties and such nonsense. Running clearly doesn’t hurt her.

With runner’s envy has come an undeniable urge to save face. I’m not a flaky blonde chick bouncing around on the AMT with a neat ponytail and perfect makeup. In an effort to eliminate confusion, I have had an overwhelming desire to wear race shirts, even the fugly ones, so that people don’t mistake me for a non-runner. 

You know, because it is probably of the utmost concern to the other gym-goers whether I am a runner or a perfect looking specimen (haha, right) bouncing 20 mintues by on an inferior cardio machine. My mind immediately went to Shelby’s experience last fall. Yeah, exactly.

Getting my oink on. Sweet.

Sunday: 4.4 miles – hills w/my dad and Chris
Monday: 14 miles – bike trainer
Tuesday: 14 miles – bike trainer
Wednesday: 10 miles – bike trainer
Thursday: 12 miles – bike trainer + NROLFW Workout 5B1
Friday: rest
Saturday: 1 hour AMT* + NROLFW Workout 5A2

*AMT = Adaptive Motion Trainer = Something like this, which does not seem to be ideal for my foot. While there is no running-like pounding, like Run Blondie suggested, there is a lot of pressure on the balls of my feet while doing this activity. So, not ideal.  

Running Weekly Total: 4.4
Running April Total: 9.4
Running 2011 Total: 307.36
Miles on Shoes: 248.96
Miles on New Shoes: 27.4

Cycling Weekly Total: 50
Cycling April Total: 252.15
Cycling 2011 Total: 501.45

  1. This too shall pass. I doubt anyone is confusing you with a casual gym-goer.

    On the upside, this injury is forcing you to do that strength training all us runners know we should be doing, but most of don’t. You’ll be amazed and your hill running ability after spending so much time on the bike too.

    • Brit said:

      Eh, in reality I am probably just a casual gym-goer. I just have a really inflated gym ego. Haha. 😉

  2. Jena said:

    I am currently also hating everyone that runs. Stupid runners, and their stupid painless runs. jerks. But like RunBlondie said, it shall pass….eventually.. At least you have a gym membership where you can lift weights and do other non-running cardio.. I’m really wishing I had a gym membership. Instead I’m left to bounce around in my living room hoping to work up a good sweat. wahh wahh wahhh .. Going to the Dr today. Who will probably just look at me then send me to physical therapy. We’ll see.

    • Brit said:

      Yeah, that is pretty much what happened to me. Today was supposed to be my first day of PT, but an important meeting came up, naturally it is scheduled exactly during my PT appointment, so I had to cancel PT. The next day that they can get me in? May 31. Sweet. I’ll have been out for 10 weeks by then. Awesome. ::Wah wah wah.::

  3. Lisa said:

    It also drives me crazy to be at the gym on a cardio machine other than the treadmill – even if I’m just taking a cross training day. I guess I’ve got the same issues, but I totally like your idea to wear your Flying Pig Marathon tee. You’ll show them. 🙂

    Great job on the weights. I’ll bet everyone is in awe of your deadlift, as I’m sure I would be. Did you decide to go after work with Chris, or do you still have some flex in your schedule? Hope it’s working out okay!

    • Brit said:

      I lifted during lunch on Monday, then rode my trainer at home Monday night. Last night I went to the gym with Chris, but messed up and arrived during a (full) spinning class, so I had to waste 20 minutes waiting for a bike to open up. It isn’t ideal, but I’m trying to go with him long enough that he gets in a groove with going and maybe doesn’t care if I’m there or not.

  4. shelby said:

    Shooting dirty looks at those asshats and their happy treadmill running for you. 🙂

  5. Eeesh. So sorry to hear you are still struggling with this foot pain. Is the bike your only cardio option that doesn’t aggravate things?

    I know exactly how you feel watching others run! I get so jealous and childish about it… if I can’t run, no one else should either! CUT THE WIRES ON THOSE TREADMILLS!

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