Run(or Not): April 17-23

My workouts for the week have been pretty pathetic. I had a few early mornings coupled with a few sleepless nights thanks to the crazy storms that we have been getting lately. Tuesday night the thunder and lightening seemed as if it was right in our backyard. It turns out that it wasn’t far off.


One of the trees in our neighbors’ yard was struck by lightening. It is kind of sad because it is an old tree in a place where most of the trees have been cleared for farming over the past few generations, but it is also very interesting.

Nearly half of the bark was blown clear off of the tree and much of it is buried deep in their yard. Thick shards of bark are stuck so far into the mud that Chris and Bryan can’t pull them out with their hands.


The inside of the bark is very smooth like the heat from the lightening has cured it in some way. Then again, maybe that is just what the inside of living tree bark feels like.

At the base of the tree you can see where the lightening split the root and travelled far into the ground. No wonder it seemed so close!

Now for my pathetic workouts for the week.

Sunday: rest (yard work)
Monday: bike – 15 miles
Tuesday: bike – 9 miles
Wednesday: bike – 15 miles
Thursday: bike – 15 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: Family RUN!* ~ 5 miles – no Garmin

Running Weekly Total: 5
Running April Total: 5
Running 2011 Total: 302.96
Miles on Shoes: 248.96
Miles on New Shoes: 23

Cycling Weekly Total: 54
Cycling April Total: 202.15
Cycling 2011 Total: 451.45

*Although I have been avoiding running until my foot doctor appointment on Tuesday, I couldn’t resist a run on my home turf. My foot still hurts, but it is a lot better than it was. Hopefully I will get some good news on Tuesday.

1 comment
  1. Lisa said:

    Wow – that was some intense lightning on that poor tree! Glad nobody was hurt in the lightning strike.

    Hope you get some great news about your foot at the doctor. Feel better!

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