Run (or Not): April 10 – 16

Let’s go way back in time and talk two weekends ago. Crazy, I know. It is important though because I had one of my favorite days of snowboarding of all time.

Knee-deep fresh snow
 + awesome runs


+ Chris and Matt = Sweet day of riding

A day of snowboarding in deep fresh snow on Sunday left me wiped out all week. My calf muscles didn’t feel normal again for at least 5 days. It was such a blast. I kind of want more winter now!

After I got back home I had a pretty crummy week of workouts, partly because of a crazy work week, partly due to my tired legs. Time to get my act together again with both blogging and running biking.

*Note to Self: Next time bring tool to adjust face guard on helmet when wearing goggles.

  • Sunday: Snowboarding (In knee-deep powder!!!)
  • Monday: rest – I was super sore from snowboarding
  • Tuesday: bike – 10 miles easy – avg HR 75% of max + New Rules Workout 5A1
  • Wednesday: bike – 12.15 miles cadence – avg HR 85% of max
  • Thursday: bike – 15 miles easy – avg HR 73% of max
  • Friday: 13.07 miles easy – avg HR 75% of max – Still super sore from snowboarding. My gosh, my calf muscles are still screaming!
  • Saturday: rest

Running Weekly Total: 0
Running April Total: 0
Running 2011 Total: 297.96
Miles on Shoes: 248.96
Miles on New Shoes: 18

Cycling Weekly Total: 50.15
Cycling April Total: 148.15
Cycling 2011 Total: 397.45

  1. Lisa said:

    I think I’ve said it before, but snowboarding terrifies me just a little. 🙂 Awesome pictures; hope you’re feeling nearly back to normal!

    • Brit said:

      Silly girl…snowboarding is fun, not scary!

      I think my legs have finally recovered.

  2. Heidi Nicole said:

    Looks like an awesome time at Vail! Fresh powder in the back bowls of Vail…the most amazing thing ever! When we were out there this year the back bowls were lacking, but in 2009 it was freaking amazing! Surviving that kind of powder should count as about a 14 mile run…or more!

    • Brit said:

      I agree that it should count as a 14 mile run or more! I was sucking serious wind, in a good way of course, when we rested after each “section” of the hill. I contemplated missing my flight home on purpose so I could get another day in.

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