Run: March 20 – 26

What do you see here?

Cankles? No. A cankle? Wrong again. It is a pretty unflattering angle of my leg though. A clever new purpose for Chris’ old unpaired sock? Yes, but that’s not the point. Your dirty kitchen floor? Maybe.*

What you see is my right foot being iced.

I’m not so stoked about the foot icing. I’m about the worst person ever for following through with icing anything, so you know it is bad when you catch me with an ice pack.

So what is the problem?

I think it started back on February 12. Pretty specific, eh? Chris and I went running in Bloomington at Indiana University that day. After we ran out of rail trail, we decided to finish out our run on a rural road on the outskirts of town. Bad move.

Many of the rural roads in Indiana are very narrow. You often have to hop off to the side if two cars are passing at the same time. Add snow banks and ice into the mix and it is just a bad idea to run on these roads in the winter.

Anyway, as I hopped off the road in a potentially life-saving maneuver, I twisted my foot/ankle. I’m not a wuss though, so I kept running. For more than a month.

While I claim not to be a wuss, I may be an idiot. At least I had a lot of excuses. I didn’t want to interrupt my marathon training. My ankle didn’t hurt that bad. It was just a little twinge each time I stepped on it.

By the end of my 18-miler last weekend, it was no longer just a twinge. It was bad enough that this non-icing, “not a wuss”  began icing right away. For all of the budding internet doctors, I think that I have pinned down the ouch to my calcaneofibular ligament. Does that count as foot or ankle? I’m not even sure how to categorize this injury.

This week is a fall-back week, so I did a lot of cross-training, but I’m going to have figure out what this means for my marathon plans pretty soon.

*Note: I swear that although I have all but stopped cooking dinner, I still do wash my kitchen floor from time to time. It doesn’t look that way? That’s because Spring is not a good season for pristine floors at Duke’s House. Between eight muddy dog feet and four muddy human feet tracking in from my swamp of a yard, my kitchen floor should be washed twice daily. Unfortunately I haven’t become superwoman yet and I still have this pesky time suck called a job, so I let the dirt accumulate for a few days between washings. Ewww. Gross. Seriously?! I live in fear of the white sock test.

  • Sunday: NROLFW Workout 4A3
  • Monday: 15 miles on bike trainer (recovery pace – average HR ~ 141), 3.5 miles easy @ 9:49
  • Tuesday: 15 miles on bike trainer (easy – average HR ~ 154)
  • Wednesday: 15 miles on bike trainer
  • Thursday: NROLFW Workout 4B3
  • Friday: 12.5 miles on bike trainer – I wanted to do 15 miles, but I ran out of time.
  • Saturday: rest

Weekly Total: 3.54
March Total: 86.64
2011 Total: 291.76
Miles on Shoes: 242.76
Miles on New Shoes: 18

  1. Ugh, I’m sorry. If it’s been bothering you for this long AND you can identify the moment you tweaked it, you are being wise to give it some TLC and time off. I’m in the very same boat. Let’s row this bad bitch to shore and heal up soon.

  2. Hope your ankle feels better soon. When I ice ankles or feet, I get a five gallon bucket filled with ice water and the hurt foot in, however I love your super mobile, non-messy way to ice!

  3. lifeisbeachykeen said:

    Oh no! I hope the icing & rest works!

    The white sock test sounds awful. Our floors are never clean either. It’s impossible. Wyatt likes to dig in the yard and bring up clumps of grass, or rocks.. and their dirty feet, oh my. This is partially why I wear shoes around the house..

  4. Lisa said:

    Sorry about your foot! Hope your cross training and icing help things and you’re still able to do the marathon. Have you thought about seeing a sports med doc or podiatrist if things don’t get better? Good luck Brit!

    • Brit said:

      Absolutely! I can’t get in to see one until the end of April though. 😦

  5. Oh goodness! Not you now too!!!!!! UGH!!!

    I hope it goes away pronto!

  6. sorry to hear about your ankle. that sucks. I just wanted to give you props, I tried those whole wheat bagels and they were awesome!!!!!! so awesome, in fact, that the dog made her way to the counter and stole one…I’m a little upset that 1/10 of my hard work went to the dog, but she said they were good too. 🙂

    • Brit said:

      I’m glad that you liked them! I thought they were tasty and super filling too.

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