Run: March 6 – 12

I had a lot of trouble getting my workouts in this week. We were on vacation Sunday and Monday, so I couldn’t use my usual strategy of fitting in as many workouts as possible in the first few days of the week. I need to do better this week or my marathon training is going to suffer. It isn’t acceptable for me to only run 12 miles outside of my long run. Well, maybe this week it is, I only have 15 miles planned outside of the dreaded 20-miler.

Yesterday, I continued my fueling strategy from my 16 mile run and bought a Zero candy bar on my way to the trail. I may have to start buying these by the case because they sit really well in my stomach during a long run. I honestly don’t think I’ve tried anything that works better.

I wonder if I could eat one on my run instead of Gu? Yesterday I was super grossed out by the only flavor of Gu that still seemed marginally edible to me. I need to come up with an alternative. Maybe it will be warm enough for Shot Blocks soon. They are pretty tasty, but they are way to0 hard to chew in cool weather.

  • Sunday: 3 miles easy – I wasn’t sure if South Lake Tahoe would clear the snow off of their bike path or not, but they sure did! Beautiful run except that I could totally feel that I was over a mile high!
  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: 4.1 miles @ 9:09 – Half outside, half inside. Pretty convenient that my street is exactly one mile long. I should have brought my headlamp. I started out running on my street, but it got too dark for me to feel like cars would see me, so I came inside and finished. I knew I was pushing the daylight limits when I left, but I couldn’t wrap my head around even four miles on the treadmill.
  • Wednesday: New Rules Workout 4A1 + 5 miles @ 8:12 – This was another really successful “run hard for as long as you can stand it, recover for a minute” run. Definitely got my golden track foot on this one!
  • Thursday: New Rules Workout 4B1 – I know that I shouldn’t do the NROLFW workouts back to back, but that was the only way that it was going to happen this week.

I also did a half mile run, but my Achilles tendon was kind of tender so I decided to bail on the run. I do not want to deal with Achilles trouble again. I had to take several months off of running about five years ago because of this and it has me trembling in my Nikes.

  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 18 miles – First 10 @ 9:21, last 8 @ 10:28. – I was pretty bummed to watch our splits skyrocket after our turnaround. We had a triangular-ish course, ~ 5.5 miles northwest, ~ 5 miles northeast, ~ 7.5 miles south into a 20 mph wind from the SSW. Ouch. I felt like I could have pushed harder, but morale was low with my other half. I suppose that the good news is that I felt great at the end. I easily could have finished out the marathon.

I was feeling kind of down about the last eight miles being slower than the first ten. That is pretty much exactly opposite of what you hope to do during a long run. Ideally I would run a mellow first twelve miles, then crank up the pace for the last six. No dice yesterday. This website did make me feel better about it though. It looks at expected pace given various headwind speeds.

Without getting out graph paper and finding batteries for my TI-92 to calculate vectors, let’s just say that we weren’t doing as bad as Garmin made me feel like we were. Granted, I did not account for the tailwind as we headed north, but as you will notice, the tailwind doesn’t help you nearly as much as the headwind hurts you. It was also a more intermittent wind for the first 90 minutes or so of our run. As usual, the wind really picked up late in the afternoon. I lost my hat no less that four times on our way back south.

Weekly Total: 30.1
March Total: 48.1
2011 Total: 255.22
Miles on Shoes: 224.22

  1. Wind during a run that you’re trying to rock is SO frustrating! (The wind here is so ridiculous that I occasionally get worked up enough to yell at it during my runs… usually asinine and unhelpful things like “STOP BLOWING!!!”) Thanks for the website link to the wind/pace calculator — I will definitely make use of this to boost myself up after my next windy run.

  2. Lisa said:

    I’m right there with you on hating wind! Great link though, and glad to hear you felt strong at the end of 18 even though your splits were opposite of what you wanted.

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