Run: February 20 – 26

Since we started marathon training again, Chris and I have been single-handedly (double-handedly?) keeping Running Warehouse in business.

Our latest haul included new shoes and Chocolate Outrage GU for Chris and new shorts and Vanilla Bean GU for me.

I finally had to break down and buy new shorts. My old favorites, my Mountain Hardwear Pacer Advances, are starting to fall apart. That isn’t so surprising, my best estimate is that I have worn each pair more than 250 times. I can’t say that for many other clothing items that I own.

I looked high and low for new MH Pacer Advances, but no dice. Maybe I was the only person who loved them so much?

After trying on and hating nearly a billion pairs of running shorts, I settled on the Asics Abby Loose Fit Short. They fit me nicely. They are short enough that my already short for my height legs don’t look even shorter. They don’t chafe. My only complaint is that they only have one small pocket. Who makes running shorts with one pocket? Seriously?

The Pacer Advance Shorts have loads of pockets. Enough to hold my iPod, phone, car key, and four GUs. Amazing, huh?

Mountain Hardwear, please start selling Pacer Advance Running Short again! The Pacer Short is just not the same. It has a bunchy waistband that accentuates muffin top, whereas the Pacer Advance is a muffin top elimination wonder! Worse yet, the Pacer is totally fug.

::Jumping up and down, so excited!::

I just found out that the 2011 version of the Pacer Advance will be out the first week of March! I pre-ordered a pair. Shhh! Don’t tell Chris.

I was seriously bummed when I had not been able to locate any size small Pacer Advances for the past few months.

What kind of shorts do you wear? Am I the only crazy who hates Nike Tempos?

  • Sunday: 4.15 miles @ 9:49 – Recovery from Saturday’s long run. Two words on this one: Super. Windy. + 11 mile trainer ride
  • Monday: New Rules Workout 3A3 + 13 miles bike trainer – I finally finished that silly body weight matrix!
  • Tuesday: 7.1 miles @ 8:27 – This was nearly puke inducing for me. I didn’t plan on going this far this fast, but 5.5 miles in I realized that if I picked up the pace I could complete 7 miles in an hour or less, so I made a split second decision and just went for it. I’m pretty sure that I have never run 7 miles in 60 minutes before. Go me! (If you notice in my sidebar, this is faster than my fastest 10K to date!)
  • Wednesday: New Rules Workout 3B3 + 15 miles bike trainer – I kicked YTWL butt this week! Ok, not really, but I have finally worked my way up to 8 lb. weights instead of using random items from my pantry. Don’t laugh at me until you try them.
  • Thursday: 5 miles @ 9:03
  • Friday: Rest!
  • Saturday: 16 miles @ 9:19 – I felt great for this entire run (and even after). We headed down to Louisville to run on the River Walk. It was my first River Walk run and I wasn’t all that impressed. The first two miles or so were ok, but after that it headed through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods. We backtracked and decided to cross the Ohio River into Jeffersonville, Indiana. I really liked running the bridge. Maybe there is something wrong with me.

Before the run I had more “interesting” fuel than usual. I started my day with half of a Sunny Breakfast Pizza. At lunch time I had a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar and a King Size Zero candy bar on our way to Louisville. I may try that combo again for my 18 miler.

Weekly Total: 32.25
February Total: 107.12
2011 Total: 201.12
Miles on Shoes: 170.12

  1. Nice job on the faster-than-10K run! I would be pumped! I don’t dig traditional running shorts — exactly because of the bunchy muffin top thing you mentioned. And also because they just tend to be cut in such a way that my thighs eat them. I run in soccer shorts, old basketball shorts, or spandex. Looks ridiculous; oh well.

    • Brit said:

      Thanks! I’m still grinning from ear to ear when I think about that fast 7 miles. I have my work cut out for me to top that though!

      I used to run in really random shorts until maybe two years ago. I should probably just do that still…

  2. Awesome 7 miler! Now that’s some progress when you can PR in a training run.

    I have to do spandex shorts and capris. I have the thighs that won’t allow for loose shorts. Even as a super scrawny high-schooler they’d bunch up.

    I like your long run fueling plan. Whatever works right 🙂

    • Brit said:

      I like my capris too, but they seem to always be falling down. Maybe I haven’t found the right ones yet!

  3. Lisa said:

    Yay for runnung warehouse 😀

    I’m way jealous that you felt awesome all through 16 miles… I will admit to feeling a little like death by the end of 13.something today. But, rock on; I’m glad for you!

    I’m a Nike tempo girl, but I did look for a pair if the pacers after you recommended them so glowingly. I’d love more pockets, so maybe when the new pacers come out I’ll try to nab a pair. Where do you order them??

    • Brit said:

      I ordered mine from Altrec I think. They don’t receive them for a week or so, but I should get them right away after that! SO excited!

  4. lifeisbeachykeen said:

    You had a week full of great work outs!

    Awesome that you felt so good after 16miles. IF I ever decide to run a marathon I hope to feel good after a long run like that!

    I don’t have that many pairs of shorts but my favorites are the C9 shorts from target. I have two pairs of Nike Tempos and they are to long. I roll them up a few times and they are a good length. I really don’t care how they look as long as they are comfortable.

    • Brit said:

      I don’t have too many pairs of shorts either. I have two pairs MH Pacer Advances that have pretty much bitten the dust + two pairs of Asics Abby Loose Fits + (almost) one new pair of MH Pacer Advances.

      I see a marathon in your future. How can you not do it at least once, right?

  5. Stephanie said:

    Great 7 miler Brit!

    I hate Nike Tempo shorts too. The only running shorts I wear are UA escape shorts.

  6. Ritter said:

    Congrats on the awesome workout week girl!!! 🙂 Vanilla Bean sounds yum!

    I am always buying new shorts… you could say I’m a running clothes geek! Right now my favs are Nike Pro 2 inch compression shorts and Adidas Glide shorts and the Adidas M10 shorts. I always look for a tight, short pair of shorts… I just don’t like them to be baggy. I also hate Nike Tempo shorts – I look like I’m wearing a parachute!

  7. I also hate thoes Nike Tempos! They bunch up and look so bad on me! I actually like short spandex shorts! Go figure!

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