Out of Africa: 5 – Safari in Ngorongoro Crater

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Out of Africa: 2
Out of Africa: 3 – Safari in Lake Manyara
Out of Africa: 4 – Safari in the Serengeti
Out of Africa: 5 – Safari in Ngorongoro Crater
Out of Africa: 6 – Climbing Kilimanjaro
Out of Africa: 7 – Kilimanjaro Summit
Out of Africa: 8 – Zanzibar

Before we talk giraffes and zebras in Ngorongoro Crater, just a few more pictures from the Serengeti.

At our camp in the Serengeti, there were tons of animals, some that we could see, and some, like the hyenas, that made their presence known in other ways. We were warned not to leave things outside of our tents at night and one morning it became very clear why; a hyena stole one of the camper’s shoes. 

Typical dog.

The most prominent animals at our camp were storks, and boy did Chris and I get an earful about the storks.

“So, what are the storks saying? Are they bringing you anything?”



Now for the zebras and giraffes that I promised. I feel so fortunate that we saw so many animals. With the sighting of our first few zebras, we could not take enough pictures. By the last day of our safari we were only stopping for cute, baby zebras who were nearby.

 I really enjoyed looking at the patterns on the giraffes and zebras because I was fascinated by how unique they were. The same, yet different.

Next up: Kilimanjaro! Finally!

    • Brit said:

      Thanks! We were just talking about that last night. It is a pretty high quality picture since it isn’t cropped a whole lot and it was taken with a 15 MP camera. I would like to blow it up on canvas and hang it over the headboard of a bed. I think it would be super cool! 🙂

  1. Lisa said:

    I think the close up zebra face is my favorite of these as well! Those storks are some ugly lookin’ birds close up.

    Thanks for sharing more photos!

    • Brit said:

      Aren’t they? I never realized that storks were so ugly until I got close to them. The storks on baby shower paraphernalia are all cute looking. What gives?

  2. Ritter said:

    Those pictures area all gorgeous!!! I love the zebras!!

    • Brit said:


      I promise I’m finished with animal pictures for a while now. Well, except for maybe Duke.

  3. lifeisbeachykeen said:

    Oh my goodness those pictures are amazing! I ran a 5k in the Tampa Zoo a few months back and afterwards we walked around. We saw some storks and I never realized how ugly they actually are!

    Oh, and you slept in a tent. In the middle of the wilderness with lions & tigers? OH MY!

    • Brit said:

      We did. We had Masai warriors patroling our camp though. Hopefully they were prepared to defend us against any aggressive animal intruders! Then again, the hyena came right up to that girl’s tent to take her shoes…

  4. Ditzy moment of the day, for some reason I never realized storks were a real animal. Hahahaha! And boy, are they homely. They look fun though — letting you guys goof around and cheese with them.

    • Brit said:

      Yeah, I don’t think it was their first photo shoot! They were cool with it as long as we didn’t make eye contact.

  5. brannyboilsover said:

    Did your tour guide pronounce it zed-bra?

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