Run: February 6 – 12

I had an almost perfect day today. Chris and I went to yoga this morning and found the “ideal for us” yoga class. I liked it extra because the yoga instructor told me that I was awesome. (Who wouldn’t love that?)

Ok. That wasn’t her exact words, but she did ask if I wanted to intern under her.

In theory, that would be awesome. In reality, I barely have time to run as much as I think I need to. Someday if Chris and I suddenly become rich and I don’t have to work so I have to find interesting activities to spend my time on (hello run on sentence) then maybe I could do a yoga internship.

After yoga, I got Pita Pit as fuel for my long run.

Pita Pit = Awesome long run fuel.

I will definitely do the Pita Pit and long run combo again when I have the chance. We don’t have Pita Pit where we live though, so that may not happen again soon.

 We ran on a “new to us” stretch of rail trail with some pretty serious hills for Southern Indiana. I have mixed feelings about doing long runs on new routes. On one hand, I like having new things to look at when I run. On the other hand, I like when I can use familiar landmarks to gauge distance. In the end, I think it was a win today.

Now for a long-winded recap of my workouts for the week.

**Accent Vlog Update: I recorded my accent vlog and even wrote a farily clever post to go with it, but our internet stinks because we live in BFE. That’s right folks, no cable here, we have sweet DSL internet which means that it takes about 325 minutes (no hyperbole here) to upload a video. 325 minutes would not be so bad if our internet connection didn’t go down for approximately 5 minutes out of every hour causing the upload to fail and reset. Still checking out what I can do to resolve this problem.**


  • 6.6 miles @ 8:37 – Outside, half on snow! I finally broke out of my funk. I had so much trouble keeping my pace under 10:00 last Friday that I seriously had no interest in even running over the weekend, then like magic I can run again! I decided to run mostly for time, not distance. It worked. I did 1 mile warm-up, 10 x (1 minute hard, 3 minutes easy), 1 mile cool down. 
  • Bike trainer, 11 miles easy – My running plan called for 6 miles, which seemed like a wimpy weekend workout. I wanted to get as much time in as I would take to do a long-ish run, but without the risk of adding running miles where my plan told me not to, so I decided to finish off my “run” on the bike.


  • New Rules Workout 3A1 – This kicked my butt. I wasn’t even able to finish all 48 jump squats at the end. Embarrassingly, I only made it through 26 of them. I may have to repeat Level 3 because I doubt that I will improve from 26 to 48 in the next 3 weeks!
  • 6 miles @ 9:14 – Surprisingly, I was still able to do a halfway decent run. It started off pretty slow, in part because I was running directly into a freezing cold wind, but I finished stong and felt good about it.


  • Bike trainer, 30 miles easy – I think I am finally starting to understand how to fit the bike trainer into my marathon plan. Um, duh, on cross train days. Easier said than done. Unfortunately I am always tempted to run anyway on cross train days, but after the broken foot of 2010, I’m shying away from that type of bold maneuver.


  • New Rules Workout 3B1 – This was much easier than Workout 3A1 except for the YTWL’s. I picked up my lightest dumbbells (8 lbs.) for the YTWLs, but my arms rebelled. I bet most 4 year olds are stronger YTWL-ers than I am! Wow, was it pathetic.


  • 6 miles @ 9:01 – Treadmill. I so didn’t feel like running, but in the end I was glad that I got this workout out of the way. Better to run on Thursday night than Friday night, right?


  • Bike trainer, 20 miles easy – Hopefully this won’t mess with tomorrow’s long run. I had the urge to do something and I thought this was the least likely exercise to impact my run.


  • Yoga ~ 60 minutes – I was a yoga rockstar today.
  • 12.04 miles @ 9:10 – Clearly Friday’s bike ride did not interfere with my long run. We ended up right in my target pace zone and were able to pick up the pace for the last 1/3 of the run. Good deal.

Weekly Total: 30.64
February Total: 43.64
2011 Total: 137.64
Miles on Shoes: 106.64

  1. Woohoo, the accent vlog! I sympathize with your spotty internet situation and hope we get to see it soon. Because accents are fun. I did not know you were such a yoga whiz — the teacher asking if you were interesting in interning with her? Sounds like a big compliment! Very cool.

    • *asked…

      I’m struggling with my proofreading today…

      • Brit said:

        I was so worried about looking silly going in there too. It had been like 7 years since I took a “real” yoga class.

        I’ll go back next week if the stars align!

  2. Lisa said:

    Wow looks like you had an awesome 12 mile run and overall a good week! Glad you two had fun at yoga. I wish I had a class nearby.

    Hope your video makes it online soon. Slow Internet is SO frustrating 😦

    • Lisa said:

      I also agree with SK, you must be a true yoga whiz. Good for you!!

    • Brit said:

      Yeah, I don’t know if I would call the yoga class nearby exactly. We drove an hour and ten minutes to get there. My town has a handful of yoga studios, but they only offer classes at times that I have to be at work, like 10AM on Tuesday. We have no cable internet, remember? 🙂

  3. shelby said:

    Beastly workout week! I’m so impressed that you’re able to lift hard + run hard. You’re strong!

    • Brit said:

      Thanks! I’m impressed that I didn’t fall off of the lifting wagon yet. I usually last for like two weeks then throw in the towel. I have kept it up for over a month this go around!

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