Run: January 9 – 15

I’m back at it again! Here’s the (not so brief) rundown. Let’s start with some pictures from today because pictures are fun.

Sunday: rest
Monday: 8 miles @ 8:51

Considering that I had not run and only had one day of real exercise* in three weeks, I felt like a million bucks and I ran like the wind. Fast forward 12 hours…oh my gosh was I sore.

*Wait, so you’re saying that you climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro but only had one day of real exercise for three weeks?

Yes. It turns out that the first 7589′ of elevation gain (7742′ – 15331′) are a piece of cake, like frolicking on the side of a mountain.

That said, the last 4010′ of elevation gain (done all in one final push to the summit) can be a doozie. I’ll get into that more in a different post, but let’s just say that somewhere above Stella Point (~18886′) I stopped to take off a boot, stick a shoe warmer to my sock, and re-boot.

That whole shoe exercise left me with the same general feeling as I would have at the 3 mile marker in a 5K. I was feeling pretty pathetic about it until I summoned the energy to turn my head and look at Chris. He had just completed a shoe warmer changing operation as well and he seemed to be equally hurting.

Note: It probably did not help matters that we had neglected to eat anything except for two cookies each for the past 12 hours (6 sleeping, 6 climbing). No, I have no idea why we did that. I always recommend eating before 6 hours of moderately strenuous exercise.

Tuesday: New Rules Workout 2A1

I decided to start lifting again, I need to make some strength gains to prepare for our (proposed) next adventure. I need to be able to carry a 65 lb. backpack up 3500′ of elevation gain day in and day out. Think I have a shot at that one?

Our porters on Kilimanjaro, who were strong dudes, were not even allowed to carry that much weight. (Note: I did witness them weighing their loads on a fish scales, which I think is very important for porter safety. I am all for rules and regulations for porters and will only climb with companies who take them seriously.)

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 8:37

Once again, I was feeling crazy enough to attempt to run fast. For the record, my unofficial 10K PR is at an 8:35 pace, so this was moving for me! I did stop halfway through to refill my water though because I was drinking like Duke on a hot summer day. (That makes no sense unless you know Duke, he has a 96 oz water bowl and he’ll suck it dry several times per day in the summer.)

Thursday: New Rules Workout 2B1

When I first got out my workout log and saw how long Workout 2B is, I considered plunking down in my Stressless recliner with a cup of coffee and vegging until it was late enough to reasonably go into work. There had to be like twenty exercises in that workout.

Ok, it was less than ten.

I did make it to my Stressless (they say it is the ultimate seating experience) with my coffee before work, but not until I had completed Workout 2B1.

Friday AM: 1 mile @ 9:32

I am embarrassed to say that after I pried myself out of bed at 4:40 AM to run, I  just did not have the mental fortitude to stay on the treadmill. I wanted to get off the machine after like 35 seconds, but I told myself that I had to stay on for at least a mile to see if I could get into my groove. I was decidedly not in my groove and I was not tough enough to stick it out. I headed back into the living room and whined to Chris “Will you run in the dark with me after work tonight?” Luckily he agreed.

In spite of my inability to run, I promise that I had a productive early morning anyway. I got through all of my “overnight” email while simultaneously copying all of our vacation pictures to our external hard drive.

Friday PM: 3 miles @ 9:16 (treadmill)…5 miles @ 9:50 (outside on snow and ice)

Saturday: Snowboarding…does that count as a rest day? It was supposed to be a rest day.

I use the term snowboarding loosely since our local mountain uses the term mountain so loosely. When you get off the chair at the top of the mountain, you look directly into a pasture full of cows. Enough said. Let’s take a look at the mountain stats:

Peak elevation: 800′

Vertical drop: 400′

Considering that the mean elevation of the state of Indiana is 700′, the ski area would probably be best described as a snowboarding valley, not a snowboarding mountain. ::Pout, sniffle, sniffle::

On the bright side, I did not get mistaken for a boy this time. Win.**

**Chris says that last year’s case of mistaken identity was due to my mad shredding skills, not my physical appearance. I wonder if he is stroking my ego or just trying to keep me from going all girly girl on him?

Weekly Total: 23
January Total: 23
2011 Total: 23
Miles on Current Shoes: 303.68

  1. Wow, that Mt. Rainier mountaineering course looks super intense. And… two cookies for six hours of hiking/climbing? I would have perished.

    • Brit said:

      Yeah, it looks pretty cool. We met a few seven summiters at Kilimanjaro, one of them was particularly helpful and agreed to be our pen pal for mountaineering questions. He suggested that we tackle Mt. Rainier next because it is easy to get to and offers a perfect training ground for skills that we would need on “real” mountains.

      Two cookies was clearly not enough but that whole loss of appetite at altitude is a real thing. It may have been the first time in my life that I lost my appetite, I didn’t think it was possible for me, but even with a bowl of cookies in front of me I could only stomach two.

  2. Lisa said:

    I was totally going to say I would perish on only 2 cookies during a climb like that, but it looks like SK said it for me! That’s quite a week of workouts in my book. Glad you’re back and feeling good and strong!

    • Brit said:

      Next time we have an adventure like this, I will totally pack a few pounds of M&Ms. They would have been marginally more appealing than cookies.

      I am still in disbelief that I had trouble eating cookies up there. We normally actively avoid bringing cookies into our house because I would polish off a box of cookies same-day if I allowed myself to own them. NO SELF CONTROL. I even had trouble eating french fries up there.

  3. Ritter said:

    Snowboarding looks like SO much fun! I can ski and wakeboard and have always wanted to try snowboarding, but everyone says its really tough. Awesome pictures 🙂

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