Let’s Talk About Me

Thanks to Lisa from Cow Spots and Tales for tagging me for this fun little Q&A!

I found out about this just in time because I was really getting concerned about what I would write about this week. Due to jet lag and early morning workouts, I have been going to bed at basically the same time that I get home from work which has made “real” dinners and thus blog-worthy recipes non-existent at Duke’s House this week.

On the bright side, this sleep pattern shift has given Chris and I bonus morning goof-off time. Instead of our usual routine of pouring coffee into travel mugs and hightailing it out the door, we have been enjoying a whole pot of coffee from the comfort of our living room each morning after workouts but before work. I kind of like it and I hope to maintain my jet lag for as long as possible.

Now for the good stuff. I know you’re dying to know more about me. No? Will you just humor me then?

1.Best book you’ve ever read and best book you’ve read recently?

This is a tough one. I think my favorite book that I ever read was an assignment for my pop culture class at Penn State called The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. I don’t know that there was anything that spectacular about the book in retrospect, but I remember that I really enjoyed reading it, which says quite a lot considering that it was an assignment. I have since gone on to read many of Chabon’s other books, all of which I have enjoyed, but none left me with quite the same “I can’t put it down” feeling of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

Unless Lonely Planet Tanzania counts, the only book I have read recently is Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. Don’t read it. I only read it because it was an assignment for work. Lame, stupid book. In short it subscribes to the theory that you should avoid working on your weaknesses because it will take more work to improve them than it would take to improve your strengths. I agree with the theory that improving weaknesses will be more difficult than improving on strengths, but I just can’t subscribe to the theory that we should abandon concern over our weaknesses.

Lonely Planet Tanzania was a decent travel guide, better than Lonely Planet Vietnam which was so flagrantly anti-American that it was offensive to me. After LP Vietnam, I swore that I would never buy another Lonely Planet travel guide, but as fate would have it, I put off ordering a Tanzania travel guide until so close to my trip that I was relegated to buying the only selection (LP Tanzania) in my local bookstore. Figures.

2.If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

If I were the Nittany Lion, would I get free travel, lodging, and entry to all Penn State footbal games? Do fictional animals like that count? 

No? How about paradoxataurs

Real animals you say? I think I would be Duke. As far as I can tell his life is pretty good. He sleeps for close to 20 hours per day and spends the rest of his time eating, drinking, and goofing off. Not a bad gig. It is kind of a drag that he has to eat the same thing all the time, but I think I could deal with that to have such a carefree and flexible schedule.

Wow, this is from last winter, Duke was such a little guy then!

3.Favorite race distance? Care to elaborate?

10-miles. It seems just right. 10-miles is far enough that I feel like it is worthy of paying an entry fee to run, but not so long that I’m an hour deep in the race and don’t feel like the end is in sight. I wish there were more 10-mile races around here. The only one I know of is on New Year’s Day. Obviously I missed that one this year. Maybe I’ll give 10-miles another go in 2012.

4.What’s a favorite bible verse, quote or thought that encourages you?

I’m going to take this in the context of running since that’s one of my two main topics. (Although I guess it can apply to eating also…)

When I feel like I can’t run any longer, I keep telling myself that I’m still going, I haven’t fallen over on the side of the road and stopped or anything so I can, in fact, run longer or I wouldn’t be doing it.

5.White milk or chocolate milk?

Sorry Lisa, no milk. I just can’t do it. Unsweetened Original Almond Milk for me. Does that count as white milk? We buy milk a few times per year, usually for some recipe, always fat-free white milk.

6.What 5 places are on your “must visit” list? (If you’ve already been to some of them you can still include if you like).

Naturally, I have some unconventional answers to this pretty straightforward question.

  • We have plans in the works for Antarctica 2012/13. It will be my 7th continent. I will be pretty stoked to have visited all of them.
  • The top of the world. We are giving strong consideration to an Everest bid. That is more on the radar for the 10-15 year plan than a short term thought though.
  • This isn’t really a place, but I want to drive around the world someday. Chris and I have spent many a Saturday day dreaming about this one. The type of vehicle it would require, what kind of supplies we would need, researching road (or lack thereof) conditions in Eastern Russia to assess fuel range needs and off-road capabilities for said vehicle, how to transport a car from Alaska to Russia in the first place, you get the idea. I’m not sure when this will happen, but I will be disappointed in myself if I look back on my life someday and realize that I didn’t at least make an effort to drive around the world.

  • I would like to go to India, that one may never happen unless I am fortunate enough to get sent for work. Chris has been to India enough times that it could be a long time before he signs up for a vacation to India.
  • This is my just-visited, but The Serengeti was amazing. I am still in awe of it.

7.What’s your go-to brand of shoes? I’m thinking running shoes here, but a girl needs classy dress shoes too, so share both.

I like this question. My go-to running shoes are Mizuno Wave Creation 11’s. They make my feet happy.

In terms of other shoes, I have four pairs that I am most commonly found in.

For work:

Sam Edelman Jax

Sam Edelman Jax Black Flats Woman Shoes Size 7 M

or Stuart Weitzman Simple Wedges.

For play:

Lucchese cowboy boots

or Reef flip-flops

I think that’s enough about me for now. Sadly, I think everyone I “know” has already been passed this fun little exercise, so it ends here unless somebody will volunteer to continue.

Any more questions?

  1. Lisa said:

    Wow – can’t believe you resurected this! Very fun to read, and I’m in awe of your awesome response to the travel question. Drive around the world – seriously, how cool is that?

    Also, I forgive you for the milk, as long as you’re eating cheese and/or yogurt and still getting your dairy 😉

    You should post a recent photo of Duke soon, can’t quite imagine how big he is now…

    • Lisa said:

      Oops, “post” a recent photo of Duke soon. Stupid typos.

    • Brit said:

      Plenty of yogurt, cottage cheese, regular cheese, half and half, sour cream…just not milk. Milk smells funny.

  2. Very fun answers! Do you have a “favorite continent” of the six you’ve visited so far, or is that just far too general a question? Do you want to drive around the world in ONE vehicle, or could you just rent ’em as you go? This cements my image of you and Chris being these super expert traveling All-Stars!

    • Brit said:

      I don’t really have a favorite, I like certain things about each place that I have been. If I had to pick, North America, we have some beautiful sights and I can function *not* in a perpetual state of confusion here.

      To be honest, it never occurred to me that it “counted” if I drove using more than ONE vehicle to drive around the world. You may have just pointed out a very useful loophole in the plan. Then again, it could be dicey to transport cars that we don’t own across international borders.

      This may be my next Saturday morning research project. I had always envisioned buying a Land Cruiser, outfitting it for an expedition, and being prepared to trash it at the end of the trip. Serial car rentals though…hmmm.

      • have you ever been to http://www.expeditionportal.com ? It’s the coolest website mostly about people with land cruisers and various other expedition vehicles traveling all over the world. This has always been a dream of mine and my husband’s as well…(He’s already searching for land cruisers…we have no need for a new vehicle, but that doesn’t stop him!) we’re following Luis and Lacey on their Lost World Expedition (Link below)on here and on facebook. It’s a fun site, but it makes you wildly envious. But there are some great pictures and it’s amazing to live vicariously through others. I’m pretty jealous of your Africa trip, BTW. Glad you had fun!


      • Brit said:

        Thanks for the links! Chris is all over reading about how they modified their Land Cruiser.

        …Hmmm…Maybe I shouldn’t have showed him that part yet.

  3. KrisB said:

    I love your “must visit” places! How exciting! I could only dream of such adventurous travel.

    • Brit said:

      I’m just dreaming too…I tend to dream real big!

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