Out of Africa: 1

Out of Africa: 1
Out of Africa: 2
Out of Africa: 3 – Safari in Lake Manyara
Out of Africa: 4 – Safari in the Serengeti
Out of Africa: 5 – Safari in Ngorongoro Crater
Out of Africa: 6 – Climbing Kilimanjaro
Out of Africa: 7 – Kilimanjaro Summit
Out of Africa: 8 – Zanzibar

After three glorious weeks of vacation, we’re back to Indiana and back to the grind. It isn’t so bad though, I feel lucky that I can honestly say that I don’t mind going back to work.

It may take us weeks or even months to sort and edit the huge number of pictures that we took in Africa, but I will slowly share some of our favorites.

One afternoon on safari, we spent hours trying to photograph a cheetah in the distance. We hoped that it would move close enough for pictures as it hunted for its dinner.

First a herd of wildebeest passed near the cheetah. The larger animals took a stand against the cheetah, we think to protect their calves, by lining up between the cheetah and their herd as the herd passed through the area.

After the wildebeests safely continued on their way, a gazelle, separated from his herd, ran past the hunting cheetah. Thankfully (or disappointingly if you ask Chris) the gazelle did not become cat food.

We spent several hours watching the cheetah, hoping that it would either move close enough for a picture or at least do something exciting. It didn’t.

Naturally, after we ran out of patience and decided to move on, what do we find? Another cheetah, this guy shown above, easily within the range of our camera. While this may be our best cheetah picture and is a very good photo for amature photographers like us, I have a feeling that it will not make our top 10 pictures from the trip.

In my opinion, some of the best pictures of all are of lions. Oh boy do we have lion pictures! I anticipate that at least a few will make the top 10 list!

A brief recap of our trip:

  • Nearly 3.5 weeks ago, Chris and I set out from Cincinnati to Nairobi via Newark, Brussels, and Bujumbura. We met up with my dad in Newark and were supposed to meet two friends in Brussels. (Damn you Brussels Airlines!)
  • The three of us (note, not five) hired a driver in Nairobi and headed south into Tanzania on a six-hour journey over partly paved and partly dirt roads, across one of the most lively (and confusing) border crossings that I have ever encountered, through Arusha, and finally on to Moshi, Tanzania.
  • Moshi would be our “home base” for the next three weeks as we headed out on three distinctly different vacations: a safari, our Kilimanjaro climb, and a relaxing jaunt to Zanzibar.

More details coming soon! (Well, as soon as my jet lag subsides and our pictures get sorted out.)

  1. lifeisbeachykeen said:

    Welcome back!

    I can not wait to read about your trip, ohmigosh, I’m so excited!!

    Glad you had a great, and hopefully safe trip!

  2. Lisa said:

    Glad to see you back Brit! I can’t believe you were that close to a cheetah. So happy to hear your trip was good, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more pictures and reading all about your adventures 🙂

    And great attitude about going back to work. I have a feeling I would be absolutely languishing about coming back to my real life after a trip like that.

  3. Glad to hear you had a great and safe trip! Can’t wait to hear some of these stories — the border crossing, the safari action, the Kilimanjaro climb — what an experience!

  4. Lala said:

    living vicariously and so excited to see and read more!!

  5. What an amazing adventure. I’m sure the pictures are incredible. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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