Run: December 19 – 25

As we head out on safari this week, Chris is probably wondering whether his practice fending off a fierce dog-lion has him prepared for an encounter with a real lion. I am far more concerned with how my safari outfits will pan out. Safari chic or zoo keeper geek?

I have a feeling that my very fashionable friend and safari companion, Rayna, will tactfully and politely save me from any major fashion mishaps.

No runs this week, we’re resting up for a little hike next week.

Image Source:

It looks so flat on the map. I hope we make it! Naturally a Kilimanjaro fail hit the news just days before we left, although Martina says that the trip was not a failure.

I’m on the fence with that one, maybe I need an attitude adjustment so that I’m happy with my climb no matter what happens…

Wish us luck!

  1. amelia said:

    I want to hike Kilimanjaro so badly! It’s one of the places I want to go most in this world. Have an awesome time!!

  2. AHHH! Good luck! Very pumped to hear about the adventure!

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