Run: November 28 – December 4

Do you run with GPS? If not, do you like to map your runs to find out the exact distance?

At one point in my life, I was perfectly content with running the “about five mile” loop that I had guesstimated near my mom’s house. That was before I could drive, so I don’t think it wasn’t even a car odometer estimate and I know for certain that I didn’t Google map it.

In fact, that was so long ago that I distinctly remember sending my very first email the summer that I began to run that route. My first email is an embarrassing story for another time.

Fast forward ten years-ish to grad school.

My first year at Purdue I started running in my neighborhood in West Lafayette. I had a loop that I called “about three miles”. To this day, I have not mapped this route either. I have no clue what the actual distance was. I just knew that I would run “about three”, “about six”, or “about nine” after school.

Twice during my graduate student “career” I attempted (and failed) to train for a marathon. My first attempt ended tragically with a partial tear of my Achilles tendon.

The second attempt was cut short while Chris did some of his marathon training in India. The infrastructure in Bangalore was not exactly geared towards marathon training and Chris injured his hamstring while trying to sidestep some debris in his path.

Fortunately, Chris had a few Rupees with him for a rickshaw ride home. Unfortunately, I abandoned my training when Chris dropped out of the race.

Even with two marathon attempts during my “Purdue Era”, I still did not bother to map my route. I focused mainly on time based training and just didn’t worry about the distance.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when distance or even pace began to matter to me very much, but at some point I decided to track my runs with Nike+. Eventually that evolved into “Mapping My Run“, which tipped me off to the fact that Nike+ is not all that accurate.

After months of tedious run mapping and reconciliation of Nike+ stats, I knew that I had to have a Garmin.

I got my wish and I love my Garmin…

but sometimes I wish that I could just go back to leaving my house around 5AM to run my about five mile loop and knowing that it took about 40-50 minutes to run.

Naturally a carefree girl like me didn’t wear a watch. Not that it matters for about five miles anyway.

  • Sunday: rest <– We drove back from NJ. Loooong drive! 
  • Monday:  6.03 miles @ 9:28 <– Take note of the weather here. My car is not fancy enough to have  thermometer in it and I am still in the stone age with my “stupid phone”, so I don’t know the actual temperature, but I was warm wearing shorts and short sleeves.
  • Tuesday: 5.01 miles @ 9:17 <– Note the weather again…my temperature was about right wearing fleece lined pants, a long sleeve wicking T, a fleece jacket, a hat, gloves and wool socks. There was snow falling out of the sky. The sweaty portion of my gloves was visibly frozen. I’ve mentioned before that there is this saying in Indiana: “If you don’t like the weather, wait a day.” Yeah, case in point.
  • Wednesday: 5 miles @ 8:43 <– Dreadmill. This wasn’t a straight through run (which probably resulted in the quicker pace than I have typically been capable of lately). I hopped off the treadmill several times to discipline a riled up puppy. Duke really likes to play with Tacia, he absolutely loves her. Tacia is still wondering why we got a puppy. Her life was so peaceful before we got Duke.
  • Thursday: 6 miles @ 9:10 <– Dreadmill. I think that in the past year or so I have exhausted my capacity to run on the treadmill. Within the past year I have logged many double digit runs on the treadmill including one 22 miler during a snow storm. For most of last winter I ran 10 miles on the treadmill every Tuesday before work. Now, I just can’t wrap my head around staying on there for more than a mile or two. I have to “just do one more” over and over until I get through it.
  • Friday: rest <– My legs are super tired today, probably because I went from running 12.5 miles last week to 20+ this week. You think?  Maybe I’m just a big wuss? I’m not sure either.
  • Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:53 <– Dreadmill. Snow day!

Total Weekly Miles: 28.04
Total November Miles: 76.74
Total December Miles: 17
Total Yearly Miles: 1052.47
Miles on Current Shoes: 247.33

  1. I’m still pretty content with “about X miles,” but I do occasionally map my run if I come back from it and remember the actual route I took.

    Also: You’ve run 22 miles on the treadmill? Wow, just… wow. I managed 15 once. There was a soccer game on TV, so I was distracted. Can’t even imagine tacking on an additional 7 to that though.

    I’m already getting to a point in the winter where I seem to be using the treadmill far more than I want to. It’s a mentally fatiguing machine and I’m already getting a little sick of my music…

    • Brit said:

      I guess I’m lucky in that I got all new iPod music a few months ago. I had the same stuff for years because my hard drive crashed. Finally I decided to synch my iPod with Chris’s music and wipe mine off. Good decision!

  2. Lisa said:

    22 miles on a treadmill- that is an impressive feat! I agree with the mentality of “just one more” as usually once I have to tell myself that and when I hit about 3 or 4 miles then I’ve found a rythum. Sometimes though, I really do have to fight for every minute.

    • Brit said:

      I’m going through the “run inside or run outside” debate right now. It is pretty cold here today, but the thought of running on the treadmill is such a turn off…we’ll see what happens.

  3. Lala said:

    I’m so pleased to read that real runners have a hard time pushing themselves. It gives me hope that, despite that challenge, I might get better at moving my body faster than normal and maybe even, eventually, running. I really don’t like running, but I know it’s something that, if I could adopt it as my daily regimen, would help solve some of my health issues. I currently walkrun Lulu on occasion and use iMapmyrun on my iPhone only because I like data. I, like you, though, would rather be carefree and (walk)run at my own gd pace and for my own preferred distance. I did C25K twice in my life and the last time was using an iPhone app that would tell me in the middle of my playlist when to run and when to walk and say encouraging bits like “you’re almost there!” with a British accent. Handy, yes, but also annoying to be told what to do and when. I’m far more motivated “going it on my own.”

    • Brit said:

      I’m so flattered that you called me a real runner…or maybe you were referring to SK and Lisa? 🙂 Some days I love to run and I can’t wait to do it. Other days it is a struggle to get out there. I have never gone for a run and regretted it though. I always feel good about it when I finish!

  4. Bree said:

    I had a 5 mile route I ran in high school – with no music no less! Because it included a trail through a park, I was never able to drive it to measure, but knew based on time it was “about 5 miles”. I went back and measured it and some routes in college with map my run and was amazed to find out I was almost spot on with each. Now? My pace varies so much that I couldn’t do it anymore. I am happy to have my Garmin, too but am just fine using a cheap old stop watch.

    • Brit said:

      I totally understand about the pace variation. This week I had a variation of 45 seconds on two similar distance runs. I wasn’t going for “easy” and “speedwork” either. Each time I simply ran as quickly as I felt like I could while still making it through the run.

      I used to run without music also. I had a giant yellow Sony Waterproof Walkman. If I held it, it made my shoulder cramp up and if I clipped it to my shorts it would pull them down, so I stopped taking it with me. I got a Discman also at some point, but it was never very good for running, it skipped when I ran with it. So happy for iPods!

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