Run: November 21 – 27

I didn’t get much running in this week. I had the best of intentions, but things just didn’t go as planned. I packed enough running gear to run each day that I was in New Jersey, but I only managed to get out there once.

We didn’t roll into The Garden State until mid-Thursday morning and by the time we arrived, there was no time left for running. Our Thanksgiving festivities wrapped up pretty late and we had already committed to an early morning on Friday.

Friday morning eight of us packed into the family wagon for a trip to Campmor en route to New York to see the USS Intrepid. I hadn’t visited the Intrepid in a long time, but it was still impressive, especially considering how old it is.

My dad especially enjoyed the Intrepid as he had the opportunity to recount stories of his time on the USS America, in particular, stories about a very stormy exercise in the North Sea where “waves crashed 200 feet up the flight deck”. Hard to imagine waves that big!

Saturday morning as I hopped in the shower Chris knocked on the bathroom door. “Brit, your dad is dressed for a run, are you coming?” Great, soaking wet hair, below freezing temperatures. Naturally, I was all in.

Chris and I got suited up in our running gear. I piled my wet hair on top of my head and pulled the hood of my jacket up. Off we went!

Living in Indiana has left me woefully unprepared for the hilly terrain of Northern New Jersey. Those hills kicked my butt! I was more than ready to stop by 3.5 miles in, so we called it a day. I really need to start doing hill intervals on the treadmill.

  • Sunday: 4.5 miles, no Garmin
    • Not only did I leave Garmin home, I did this run completely untimed. It was liberating. It made me remember why I (usually) like to run. I need to do this more often. The only downside is mapping my route when I get home. That is kind of a pain in the neck.
  • Monday: 4.5 miles with Chris, no Garmin
    • Once again, I decided to leave Garmin behind. I liked the Garmin free run, but Chris probably feels like he can’t escape my neurotic running habits when he runs with me, even sans Garmin. I insisted on running the exact same route as I did on Sunday so that I wouldn’t need to map the run again. Being his carefree self, naturally Chris wanted to diverge from the plan. No dice. Sorry Chris. It isn’t like he was going to map the run for me when we got home.
  • Tuesday: 40 minute trainer ride
  • Wednesday: rest <– Long drive to The Garden State today.
  • Thursday: rest <– Ate unprecedented quantities of turkey, did not run.
  • Friday: rest <– Toured the USS Intrepid and purchased remaining Kilimanjaro gear instead.
  • Saturday: 3.5 miles, hills

Total Weekly Miles: 12.5 <– Need to work on this.
Total November Miles: 65.7
Total Yearly Miles: 1024.43
Miles on Current Shoes: 219.29

  1. Stephanie said:

    I really need to start leaving my garmin behind. It would nice to have a time free run versus constantly checking my pace!

    • Brit said:

      It was way better. Last night Chris and I ran with Garmin and for whatever reason I was having a horribly sluggish run. Without Garmin, I wouldn’t have known or cared. With Garmin, it was driving me crazy the whole time!

  2. I am getting excited to hear all about this Kilimanjaro expedition. You two are intense!

    All this aircraft carrier talk… I’m guessing you have a Navy dad, like me?

    Wet hair during a run in subfreezing temps… my mom STILL gets annoyed at me whenever she sees me pulling that move.

    • Brit said:

      Has someone else been to The Intrepid and/or Fleet Week a billion times?

      In spite of the wet hair being a bit cold, I still advocate a quick shower before morning runs when time allows. I feel like I can breathe so much more clearly and like I am much more awake.

  3. Lisa said:

    Ha – 12.5 miles is exactly what I logged last week too! I figure unless I’m training for something major, spending quality time with family during a holiday is way more important than being able to write a few more entries in my running log.

    When do you leave for your trip?? I’ll bet you’re crazy excited 😀

    • Brit said:

      In a few weeks! I’m pretty darn excited! 😀

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