Run: October 17-23

From time to time I get asked “How do you run so far?”

It is generally non-runners who pose this question, because most real runners would tell me that I’m a pathetic excuse for a runner. Instead they would ask “How do you run so slowly?” or something of that nature.

I obviously haven’t been running far enough lately to get very many comments, but I have been thinking a lot about that question. In a literal sense, I just keep going, that’s how, but it is not always that simple when you are struggling with actually doing it. On long runs, tempo runs, or any run that pushes my mental or physical limits I often have some type of internal dialogue to keep myself going.

You’re thinking “Ok, crazy lady here…

Before you write me off, hear me out. I have heard of many runners repeating inspirational or motivational phrases in their heads to get them through a particularly tough run, so I don’t think this internal dialogue concept is too wacky.

It works out something like this.

“I can’t run any farther. My legs simply won’t carry me.”

“Sure you can, you’re legs are still moving, aren’t they?”

“I guess, but just barely. They could stop at any minute.”

“If you couldn’t run any farther you wouldn’t still be doing it. Running is fun. Wheeee!”

“Ugh. How about cutting this one short? Maybe slowing the pace a bit?”

“Just keep running, you will totally regret not finishing your run if you stop.”

“Fine.” ::Pouts::

Which brings me to Sunday’s run. No internal dialogue there. Chris accompanied me on this run so I had someone to whine out loud too. If he hadn’t known better, he probably would have thought that it was my first run ever. You know those days when you look down at Garmin thinking that you must not have heard the first few miles click by and it reads 0.27 miles. Yeah, it was one of those days.

  • Sunday: 4.33 miles @ 9:51 – I really struggled with this run. The conditions were great in terms of weather, I think the culprit was poor fueling, but who knows? Moving on…
  • Monday: 4 miles (9:10, 8:54, 8:38, 8:16) – Thankful for a decent run to regain confidence after Sunday’s disaster of a run.
  • Tuesday: 40 minute trainer ride
  • Wednesday: 4 miles (8:42, 8:28, 8:14, 8:01)
  • Thursday: 40 minute trainer ride
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: rest

Total Weekly Miles: 12.33
Total October Miles: 33.03 <– Really wracking the miles up this month, eh? I hit 123 in July. I’m a far cry from there still!
Total Yearly Miles: 935.31
Miles on Current Shoes: 130.17

  1. Stephanie said:

    I have those days more often then not. That stupid devil all up in my ear telling me how I could slow down, cut it short or stop.

    You seem to be well on your way to getting back to where you were pre-foot break. That is great!!

  2. Perfect stick figure graphic! I wrestle little demons on every run. Definitely can commiserate with the feeling of a run crawwwwwling by.

    PS. PB+brie? Wow wow wow – that actually makes some real good sense. Do you use regular sugared up peanut butter, or natural peanut butter with nothing added? Seems like the natural pb would be the way to go for a savory sandwich… but maybe sweetened pb would add a little something of it’s own, too.

    • Brit said:

      Thanks! Those are my killer Paint skills in action!

      PB&B is awesome! Mmmm! I think natural PB would be the way to go. My sandwiches were made with regular sugared up PB though. (Shhh…don’t tell.) We’re in super budget mode, so we have returned to our roots with bottom of the shelf private lable PB.

  3. brannyboilsover said:

    Running is a very weird experience for me. I think that Dean Koontz best sums my attraction to running up for me: I do not like running, I like having run.

    The first three miles of any run are pure torture for me. Hate is too strong of a word, but mostly, I’d rather be doing anything other than running.

    But luckily during long runs my brain disconnects from my body and I find myself just going. What a relief.

    And when I get home and say to myself “I just ran 8/12/18 miles” I realize WHY I run.

    • Brit said:

      I agree with you about the long runs being easier. I’m still working my way back up there. My longest since “the foot incident” has been 6 miles. That is right on the cusp of where I begin to get lost in the run. (Or maybe experience some sort of runner’s delerium?)

      Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be doing any crazy long runs anytime soon. Right now I’m trying to focus on getting my comfortable pace quicker. I am making some improvements. We’ll see how far I can take it before I sign up for another long race and begin the cycle all over again.

      • brannyboilsover said:

        Whoops! *dean karnazes is who I meant to quote

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