Run: October 10 – 16

Last week I alluded to something I noticed while grocery shopping. I’m sure you spent a whole week wondering what I could possibly have seen while grocery shopping that was blog worthy. Well folks, here you have it! One of the items on my grocery list was deodorant. I run a lot, so I figure it is generally best for me to wear it. I am typically a Dove deodorant fan, but on the shelf next to my favorite Dove, something caught my eye…


Do you where I’m going with this yet? No, I’m not upset that the chick on the front of it is wearing a top but not bottoms, that is strange though. Let’s look a little closer…

That’s right marathon fresh scent deodorant.

I know, I know, they aren’t saying that if you wear their deodorant you’ll smell like you ran a marathon. Although that was the first thought that popped into my head as I ran to the next aisle with it to show Chris. They mean that you can run a marathon and still smell fresh. You know, as if you even care at that point…I digress.

So I ran some more this week. I think I am going to abandon the New Rules until after we get back from Africa. In theory I would like to keep doing it, but I don’t have heavy enough weights and I don’t think I will be getting new weights until post-Africa. I do plan to keep lifting and even doing a lot of the “moves” from NROL4W, but I can’t progress much more while following the program at this point. I’m bummed, but at least I’ll have a good indoor workout to look forward to in the winter.

  • Sunday: 4.7 miles (10:30, 10:06, 9:54, 10:24, 10:46) – Note to self, do not think that just because you had one “good” run in warm weather that you can make a habit of it. Especially not if there are hills involved. When the forecast calls for 90 degrees, get to running before 2pm, ok?
  • Monday: NROLFW Workout 1B7
  • Tuesday: 44 minute trainer ride
  • Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:34 – treadmill
  • Thursday: 40 minute trainer ride
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: rest

Total Weekly Miles: 8.7
Total October Miles: 20.7
Total Yearly Miles: 922.98
Miles on Current Shoes: 117.84

  1. Lisa said:

    “Marathon Fresh” it doesn’t even sound right. I think Secret’s marketing people are a little off on this one. Is your foot still feeling good as you continue easing back to running? (I hope so!)

  2. I enjoyed a big giggle over this deodorant and it’s misguided attempt to incorporate the idea of a marathon into the marketing — so freaking goofy! Also, I like your “current miles on shoes” stat — must be very useful; I should do the same…

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