Frozen Tomatoes

I mentioned a while back that my CSA had been giving me more tomatoes than I knew what to do with. This might not be so bad if Chris ate tomatoes, but he isn’t a big fan of them which resulted in a massive tomato-eating burden for me.

::Sob. Sniffle.::

I know. You’re heartbroken for me.

If you remember, part of the deal when I signed up for the CSA was that no piece of produce would go to waste. That meant that I, a tomato lover, ate so many of them this summer that I don’t care to see a tomato again until next summer. Ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but enough already.

Naturally, what did I get at my last CSA pickup of the year? That’s right nine super ripe tomatoes.

Seriously guys? Nine tomatoes? Nine über ripe, will last for like two days tomatoes? Can’t DO IT.

In desperation I Googled ‘frozen tomatoes’.

Could it be? You can freeze tomatoes to use later? Like in the winter when the grocery store is selling colorless, hard as a rock tomatoes? Sure can! Granted, they can’t be used as ‘fresh’ tomatoes again, but they are still great for soups, sauces, and any other ‘cooked’ tomato application.

::Grin from ear to ear.::


  • fresh tomatoes


  • Remove core from tomatoes. I used a paring knife and it worked really well.
  • Place tomatoes on a baking sheet making sure that they are separated.
  • Freeze tomatoes until they are firm.
  • After tomatoes are frozen, they can be removed from the baking sheet and placed in a ziploc bag. As far as I can tell they should be good for about 8 months.
  • To use the tomatoes, defrost under water. The skin should peel right off as the tomato defrosts.
  • Use in recipes that call for cooking the tomatoes.
  • Be thankful that you didn’t get stuck eating nine tomatoes in one week.
  1. Carolyn said:

    Glad to know your tomatoes didn’t go to waste! They will be perfect in a chili or soup over the winter!

  2. Oh, you will be SO happy to have these for some scrumptious stew in a little while, just like Carolyn said. And you also hit the nail on the head — winter tomatoes from grocery stores are one of life’s biggest letdowns. Bleagh! It’s good you got a summer tomato overdose while you could!

  3. Brit said:

    You guys are totally right, I can’t wait to put them in chili as soon as fall decides to grace us with its presence!

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