Run(a little more): October 3 – 9

While grocery shopping today, I came up with the perfect intro for this post…then I did my run and decided to talk about it instead.

I started out my day thinking that I would go for an outdoor run early enough that it was still cool outside, but that never happened. Eventually, after the temperature had reached a blistering 89 degrees, I finally made it out for a run. (Hey fall, don’t be scared to make your way to Indiana, I really like to run when it is neither hot nor icy outside.) I had pretty much resigned to having a slow and painful run because that is usually what happens to me when it is above oh, say 50 degrees.

I made my way to my favorite running trail and got started. After a few minutes I looked down at Garmin and saw that my first mile was on track to be well below 9:00! What?!?! I decided to see how long I could keep that up for.

Just as the first mile clicked by, I noticed that there was a guy running behind me. I decided to pick up the pace and try to stay in front of him. Eventually he passed me, but not before I realized that if I kept my pace up for the next 0.2 miles that I could come in under 8:00. That is fast for me. For reference, the fastest mile of my last 5K was 7:56. Today’s 7:54 mile is even more impressive because on the morning of that 5K it was chilly enough that chose to run in tights and long sleeves.

I’m more proud of myself than I should be about this single fast mile. ::Beaming with pride here!::

I did my best to hang in there for the next mile and came in at 8:32. Not bad. Especially since I was sucking wind hard from mile #2. Shortly after that, my Garmin’s battery died. Without real-time feedback telling me that I needed to run faster, I threw in the towel. I had to run back to my car of course, but it is safe to say that mile #4 was an 11:00-13:00 minute shuffle. Anyway, I’m stoked for a few good miles, especially since this was my first outside run since mid-August and only my fourth run period since then.

I think this is a testament to biking as a solid method for cross training!

  • Sunday: rock climbing
  • Monday: 4 mile run (9:09, 8:51, 8:52, 8:51), NROLFW Workout 1B6
  • Tuesday: 45 minute spinning podcast – cadence
  • Wednesday: 4 mile run (8:52, 8:51, 8:43, 8:34), NROLFW Workout 1A7
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: 45 minute trainer ride
  • Saturday: 4ish mile run (8:41, 7:54*, 8:32, ? Garmin’s battery died)

*I would normally say that this must be some kind of Garmin error, but I was running on a trail with mile markers. It is the real deal!

Total Weekly Miles: 12
Total October Miles: 12
Total Yearly Miles: 914.28
Miles on Current Shoes: 109.14

  1. Lisa said:

    Sounds like you haven’t lost speed during your time off!! Hope the weather cools down for you (and me) soon.

  2. brannyboilsover said:

    Congrats on your run. I guess your doc has cleared you for all exercise? That 6 weeks flew by (for me) 😉

    • Brit said:

      I haven’t technically been cleared…long story of an overbooked doctor and my overbooked schedule. It doesn’t hurt to run though, so I’m going to hope that means it is ok!

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