Proscuitto, Brie, and Baguette Picnic

This meal reminds me of Italy and many fond memories that I have of visiting Italy.

On our first visit to Italy, Chris and I were in grad school and probably too poor to have any business going to Italy in the first place. We arrived with a tent, two sleeping bags, and not much else. It wasn’t so bad though, we had a blast and got to stay in some prime locations. Who knew that you could camp right next to Piazza Michaelangelo overlooking Florence?

We quickly realized what a great location our campsite was in and headed to the steps of Piazza Michaelangelo with wine, a baguette, cheese, and proscuitto in our backpacks for a sunset picnic.

The rest of our dinners played out similar to that one. In fact, I think we only had one lunch “out” the entire trip. It was so much fun and quite honestly, I don’t think that either one of us could ever tire of this meal!

No real recipe here except for the baguette, proscuitto, balsamic vinegar, some soft cheese (we tend towards brie or blue), and any other trimmings that you like (spinach and grape tomatoes are our favorite).


  1. Lisa said:

    That looks amazing – and your trip to Italy sounds amazing. I think camping would have been far superior to the hostels I stayed at in Italy too!

  2. Brit said:

    Thanks! We may have lucked out that Chris did not want to stay in hostels! I think I would sleep in any accomodation for the chance to go back!

  3. Delicious, simple, and what a memory to keep alongside it. Thanks for sharing your memory, I wish you were sharing the prosciutto!

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