Run(or Not): September 5 – 11

I have been a bad blogger this week. No posts for days. Sorry about that.

No, I did not drop of the face of the earth. I’m not sure what happened really. For one thing, I started working out in the morning again. This led to fewer actual dinners and more mindless grazing. Counter intuitive, right? The thing is that getting up at the crack of dawn forces me to have a bedtime earlier than my Grandma’s.

I also did two evening workouts this week. I have been doing New Rules at night because Chris was going to do it with me. For a variety of reasons that hasn’t worked out exactly as planned and I have found myself finishing the workouts with just enough time to scarf down some food and get ready for bed.

The New Rules workouts are not that long. They are pretty short actually, but I have not been doing a good job at getting home and getting them started very early.

I will do better with cooking and blogging next week because I have a lot of new CSA veggies that need to be cooked and a whole bunch of new recipes to try out. This week we got a pie pumpkin (don’t go and get your hopes up for pumpkin pie, I’m not really a pie person), another butternut squash, eggplant, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, apples, green beans, and who knows what else.

No cooking this weekend though, I am headed to Tuscaloosa for the Penn State vs. Alabama game. It should be a great game, well, unless Penn State gets slaughtered that is.

Let’s Go STATE!

  • Sunday: 40 minute trainer ride – cadence, NROLFW Workout 1A1
  • Monday: 48 minute trainer ride – hills
  • Tuesday: 42 minute trainer ride – cadence, NROLFW Workout 1B1
  • Wednesday: 42 minute trainer ride – hills
  • Thursday: NROLFW Workout 1A2
  • Friday: 52 minute trainer ride – endurance
  • Saturday: rest

Total Weekly Miles: 0
Total September Miles: 0
Total Yearly Miles: 898.28
Miles on Current Shoes: 93.14

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