Run(or Not): August 22 – 28

I am super thankful for Jamie Morton’s spinning podcasts! When I found out last week that I wouldn’t be able to run for a while, I was pretty beside myself. In addition to being bummed about having to drop out of my upcoming marathon, I was nervous that I would get out of shape and have a miserable climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro later this year.

When I figured out that I could ride the bike, I was elated, but I didn’t really know what to do. I mean, pedal it, obviously, duh. But I had never gotten on a bike with the intent to get a good workout before. I really only began to dabble in biking a few months ago, but it was mostly just a fun Sunday morning activity, it was never about getting a good workout or any workout at all for that matter. That was what running was for.

So, things changed this week. I discovered Jamie Morton’s podcasts and suddenly I had basic instructions for how to get a good bike workout. Better yet, these instructions are set to music that I have heard before and often genuinely like! I am sure that I will try out most of her workouts over the next few weeks.

I am still convinced that I will be running in weeks, not months. Maybe that is too optimistic though. I am still relegated to one particular pair of shoes, ironically they are a pair of mountain bike shoes. The only shoes I own that I can stand to stand in. They feel even better than the boot offered by the doctor’s office.

They don’t look too bad with most of my casual clothes, but they are a little strange to wear to work. I generally wear a blouse, cardigan, and pencil skirt to work and that get-up tends to look better with dress shoes than sneaker-looking-things, but whatever.

Total Weekly Miles:  0
Total August Miles:  73.14
Total Yearly Miles: 898.28
Miles on Current Shoes: 93.14

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