Run: June 27 – July 3

This week was a huge FAIL. I skipped last weekend’s long run. I had intended to do it on Sunday night when we got back from climbing in Kentucky, but we got back kind of late, I was sore from climbing, it was hot out, and I just plain didn’t feel like running 13 miles. I’m not sure if that kicked off this week’s complete deviation from my plan or if it was just one of those weeks.

Anyway, I’m rethinking the use of a 22 week marathon training plan. I still have 18 weeks to go and I can’t fathom sticking to the plan for that long. I may count this week as one of my built in buffer weeks and move on, or I may look for a shorter plan and try to start over in a few weeks. In any case, I need to make some changes because this clearly isn’t working.

  • Sunday: rock climbing
  • Monday: swim 2450 m 
  • Tuesday: 4 miles not according to schedule
    • Planned run was: 2 mile w/u, [1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200] w/200 RI, 1 mile c/d 
  • Wednesday: 6 miles progression run
  • Thursday: 3 miles hard  
  • Friday: rock climbing 
  • Saturday: rest – We decided to run on Sunday because our yard needed more than a little TLC after us being out of town for 6 weekends straight. It almost looks like responsible adults live here now!

Total Weekly Miles: 13
Total June Miles: 67.26
Total July Miles: 3
Total Yearly Miles: 704.4
Miles on Current Shoes: 315.01

June Swimming Miles: 7.97
July Swimming Miles: 0
Total Swimming Miles: 7.97

  1. lifeisbeachykeen said:

    What training plan are you using? I have been looking for beginner plans, since I’ve never run a marathon before. I think 22 wks sounds long, but probably good for me. suggestions?

    • Brit said:

      I was using an 18 week FIRST marathon training plan. I added in 4 repeat weeks in case I had to miss some long runs or just generally got off track. That put the total number of weeks at 22.

      I am still regrouping this week and deciding if I want to get back on track with the FIRST plan, switch to a Runner’s World Smart Coach 16 week plan, or just wing the weekday runs and run the long runs with a local group that is training for the same race as I am.

      I would say that if you are running 20 to 25 MPW or so and can already do a long run of 9 to 10 miles (which you totally can), then the RW plan would be great.

      Right now I am leaning towards winging the weekday runs and sticking to the group’s long run schedule. I am finding, same as I did last time, that my energy levels on a particular day do not necessarily match the energy levels required by a plan.

      I will probably take the general weekly mileage recommendations from a popular plan and just make sure that I achieve them each week but not worry about the length or number of runs that I do (except for the long run of course). I think that may get me trained reasonably well but still keep running fun.

      That didn’t help at all, did it? Anyone else would tell you that Hal Higdon has a great plan. They’re right, but naturally I wouldn’t choose that one to follow.

      In the end, I think it is mental fortitude that gets you through a marathon more than the training does anyway. Or at least that is my point of view after training for a marathon that I bombed and not training for a marathon where I mildly impressed myself. That said, the training might give you the confidence to win the mind over matter battle 20 miles in!

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