Geist Half Marathon

I was really excited about this race. I had an awesome run last weekend and I felt good about going out there and running a great race.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned. I don’t run well in heat or humidity and I crashed and burned.

I went out and ran my first few miles within seconds of my target pace. I felt like I was in a good groove and I had a positive outlook.

At some point after that, I’m not sure where exactly, we’ll call it mile 5, I began to feel super crummy. My stomach was cramping. Bad. I wondered if I ate my banana too close to start time or was I running too fast? My legs were happy with my pace, but for some reason my stomach was just not cooperating.

I am not sure how far along on the course I was because my Garmin started going crazy from the massive amount of sweat that was pouring off of my body. I am far to Garmin dependent to actually read and comprehend mile markers as I run. Pshhht. Reading mile markers is for non-Garmin wearing Luddites, please.

Anyway, I tried to run through my stomach cramp for a few minutes, but eventually I gave up and walked a bit. I’m not sure how long I walked for since my Garmin wasn’t cooperating, but probably a minute or so. I started running again, this time more slowly, but the cramp came back. Again and again. Ugh.

Chris and I finished together. Well, he could/should have beat me, but he stayed back and loped through the race with me and even let me “win”.

At the end we sprinted the last half mile, well as much as one sprints at the end of a half marathon anyway,  and inches before the finish line Chris stopped short to make sure that I would finish first.

That was sweet Chris. Thank you for trying to spare my ego after a long, hot, humid, frustrating race.

I think the moral of this story is that I should try to get more outdoor runs in. That would probably help me adapt to running in the warm weather.

I generally decide to run inside when it is warm or humid so that I can run in my temperature regulated environment at the pace that I choose. Let’s face it, my first week or two (or maybe more) of outdoor warm weather runs are not even going to touch my “happy run” pace zone.

A few weeks of slower runs will probably pay off in the end by conditioning me to run in warm weather and thus allowing me to enter and **enjoy** a few more summer races.

At first I was really disappointed with this race, but then I got real.

I did not train as hard for this as I did for my PR race in March. I also trained wimpy inside on my treadmill and was not prepared for the temperature or 98% humidity. My bad.

What I did do right is that even though I ran slow, I felt like I was running as fast as I could muster at the time.

Running a PR or even just breaking 2:00:00 was not in the cards yesterday due to my lack of preparation and my failure to run outside enough to prepare for the heat and humidity. My bad.

I feel like I left everything I had in me on that course yesterday so I’ll take it and in the future I will try to get more temperature appropriate runs in ahead time.

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