Circle K 5K Race Report

The beauty of running a small race is that you have the chance to win! Ok, I didn’t have a prayer of winning this race, but I did win my age group.

Going into this race I had no idea what to expect. I had been more than a year since I ran a 5k and I had done several other races, thousands of miles, and a ton of speed work since then.

To set my expectations, I did a ‘test’ 5k a few weeks ago to give myself an idea of how quickly I might run. The test run was on an almost flat paved trail and I completed the run in 25:00.

This race was in one of the only hilly areas of the whole town it was in. Figures. I hoped that race day adrenaline would help me run the hilly course in 25:00 or less.

I did it! 24:57! Ok, not much less, but I’ll take it and my 1st place female age 20-29 trophy. (Good thing the college kids aren’t home yet. They surely would have kicked my butt!)

Chris also ran, much faster than I did, go Chris! Unfortunately he did not win his age group. Maybe next time, you never know. He has an incredible ability to run through discomfort and just push through no matter what. (Refer to his 5 hour-ish marathon on no training.)

Chris may have a point.

Quoting Bart Gordon, age 61, a congressman from Tennessee (who ran the Capitol Challenge 5K last spring in 18:49) “It’s a matter of deciding you’re going to hurt for a few minutes.”

How true. If only I could adhere to that 5k strategy.

  1. stephanie said:

    Great Job!

  2. ulla said:

    Congrats I just completed my first 5k this weekend and am feeling great!

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