Run: March 28 – April 3

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: 3 miles @ 11:00, upper body weights, core
  • Tuesday: 8 miles @ 10:03
  • Wednesday: 3 miles @ 9:30, upper body weights, core
  • Thursday: 6 miles @ 9:55
  • Friday: rock climbing
  • Saturday: rock climbing

Total Weekly Miles: 20
Total March Miles: 132.91
Total April Miles: 6
Total Yearly Miles: 441.59

  1. shelby said:

    Where do you guys go climbing? RRG? I am so jealous…I used to go camping/climbing every weekend before we moved east. (And coincidentally I just posted about an unforgettable trip to Red Rocks that we took exactly four years ago.) So many great climbing memories!

    • Brit said:

      Yes, RRG! It is a blast and luckily it is pretty close to us, day trip do-able if we really want to. In addition to the climbing, I always look forward to Miguel’s Pizza as well! Mmmm….

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